Publications & Conference Presentations

Chapters in books:

  1. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2018). “Chapter 4.6: Oral history.” In Lieven D’hulst and Yves Gambier, eds. A History of Modern Translation Knowledge: Sources, Concepts, Effects. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, pp. 267-271.
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Papers in refereed journals:

  1. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2017). Expanding the sum of all human knowledge: Wikipedia, translation and linguistic justice. The Translator 23(2): 143-157.
  2. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2015). Reacting to Translations Past: A Game-based Approach to Teaching Translation Studies. Translation & Interpreting Studies 10(1): 133-152.
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  6. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2012). Analyzing the Crowdsourcing Model and Its Impact on Public Perceptions of Translation. The Translator 18(2): 167-191. [Special issue: Non-Professionals Translating and Interpreting. Participatory and Engaged Perspectives, Sebnem Susam-Sarajeva & Luis Pérez-González, Eds.].
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  10. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2010). (Re)imagining Canada: Projecting Canada to Canadians through Localized Websites. Translation Studies (3)3: 302-317.

    Papers published prior to 2008

    11. McDonough, Julie. (2007). How Do Language Professionals Organize Themselves? An Overview of Translation Networks. Meta, 52(4), 793-815.
    12. McDonough, Julie. (2006). Beavers, Maple Leaves and Maple Trees: A Study of National Symbols on Localised and Domestic Websites. Localisation Focus, 5(3), 7-14.
    13. McDonough, Julie. (2006). Hiding Difference: On the Localization of Websites. The Translator, 12(1), 85-103.

    Literary translations (French to English):

    1. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2013). Two days to forget. Translation of ‘Deux jours pour oublier’ by Marie-Célie Agnant, from the collection Le silence comme le sang (Éditions du remue-ménage, 1997). K1N: Journal of Literary Translation 3. [Full text]
    2. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2012). ‘A Murderous Look.’ Translation of ‘Un regard assassin’ by Marie-Célie Agnant from Orées 2(1) (automne 2001-hiver 2002). Published in Tusaaji: A Translation Review 1. [Table of Contents] [Full text]

    Book Reviews:

    1. Mcdonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2016). Review of Audiovisual Translation: Theories, Methods and Issues. Target 28(2): 341-345
    2. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2015). Review of Translation in the Digital Age. Meta 60(1): 204-205.
    3. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2012). Compte rendu de Traduction et communautés. Meta 57 (4): 1083-1085.
    4. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2012). Review of Translation in Global News. TTR 25(1): 267-271.

    Other publications

    1. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2014). “Joan Pinkham, the English Voice of Pierre Vallières.” Circuit 124.

    Selected Conference Presentations:

    1. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2016). “Playing Games to Develop Translation Competence: A Pilot Project.” Paper presented at the Third International Conference on Research into the Didactics of Translation (didTRAD). Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain. 7-8 July 2016.
    2. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2016). “Plugging the Gaps in Collaborative Translation Research.” Keynote presentation at the Researching Collaborative Translation symposium. Hong Kong Baptist University. 7-8 April, 2016.
    3. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2015). “Translation Internships: Something for Nothing, or Nothing for Something?” Paper presented at the 2015 Monterey Forum. Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, United States. 28-29 March 2015.
    4. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2014). “Designing Wikipedia Translation Projects.” Paper presented at the didTRAD-PACTE conference. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain. 8-9 July 2014.
    5. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2014). “‘The people of Quebec are in the forefront of a struggle which can benefit all of us’: Translation, Quebec nationalism, and English-Canadian activism, 1968-2000.” Paper presented at the Alberta Labour History Institute 2014 Conference, “Uniting in the Struggle: Labour and Social Movements.” University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. 18-20 June 2014.
    6. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2014). “’What a Great Way to Apply Translation Theories and Actually Remember Them’: Reacting to the Past as a Model for Teaching Translation History.” Paper presented at the 27th Annual CATS Conference at Brock University, St. Catharines, Canada. 26-28 May 2014.
    7. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2013). “Wikipedia in translation: Revision techniques in translated scientific/technical articles.” Paper presented at the 26th Conference of the Canadian Association for Translation Studies at the University of Victoria, Canada. 3-5 June 2013.
    8. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2013). “La traduction, les paratextes et les textes politiques : L’encadrement des référendums québécois sur la souveraineté.” Paper presented at the 81st Congrès de l’ACFAS at Université Laval, Quebec City, Canada. 9-10 May 2013.
    9. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2012). “Developing (A)synchronous learning environments for delivering online interpretation courses.” Paper presented at the 12th Portsmouth Translation Conference, ‘Those Who Can, Teach’: Translation, Interpreting and Training, at the University of Portsmouth, UK. 10 November 2012.
    10. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2012). “Really, we wanted to set the record straight”: Translating the 1980 Referendum. Paper presented at the Translation in Contexts of Official Multilingualism Conference at Université de Moncton, Canada. 1-3 November 2012.
    11. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2012). Talk:Wikipedia’s Volunteer Translators. Paper presented at the 25th annual CATS Conference. Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Canada. 30 May-1 June 2012.
    12. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2011). The Many vs. The Few: Crowdsourcing and Translation. Paper presented at the 24th CATS Annual Conference. St. Thomas University, Fredericton, Canada. 1-3 June 2011.
    13. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2011). Translating in the Cloud: Using Cloud-computing Services in the Classroom. Presented at the Monterey Forum 2011 (Innovations in Translator, Interpreter and Localizer Education). Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey, United States, 8-9 April 2011. [Program] [Link to presentation]
    14. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2010). “Fear was in the air (all gone now)”: How Nègres blancs d’Amérique came to English Canada. Presented at the “Just Watch Me” Conference marking the 40th anniversary of the October Crisis and War Measures Act. Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. 14-15 October 2010.
    15. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2010). Blogging about the Profession: The Whos, Whats and Whys of Translation Blogs. Presented at the 23rd CATS Annual Conference. Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. 28-31 May 2010.
    16. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2009). “(Re)imagining Canada: Projecting Canada to Canadians through Localized Websites.” Presented at the Berkeley Globalization Conference. University of California, Berkeley, United States. 3-5 August, 2009.
    17. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2009). “Do professional translators share the same values? A comparison of translator ethics in profession-oriented translation networks in Canada and abroad.” Presented at the 22nd CATS Annual Conference. Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. 23-25 May 2009.


    1. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2013). Crowdsourcing: Friend or foe for professional translators? Workshop given at the 2013 Multi-Languages Annual Conference. University of Toronto, Canada. 23 November 2013. [Full talk on YouTube]
    2. McDonough Dolmaya, Julie. (2008). Invited speaker at the Translation Effects: Canada in Translation workshop. University of Ottawa. Ottawa, Canada. 24-25 April, 2008.