Year Degree Institution Details
2009 Ph.D. Translation, spec. Canadian Studies. University of Ottawa, Canada. Thesis title: Framed! Translations, Paratexts and Narratives of Nationalism, Independence Movements and the 1980/1995 Referenda in Canada, 1968-2000, with special focus on Mordecai Richler’s Oh Canada! Oh Quebec! and Pierre Vallières’ Nègres blancs d’Amérique
2004 M.A. Translation. University of Ottawa, Canada. Thesis Title: Muggles, and Quidditch, and Squibs, Oh My! A Study of Names and Onomastic Wordplay in Translation, with a Focus on the Harry Potter Series
2002 Hon. B.A. Translation. Glendon College, York University, Canada.  

Employment History:

Year Position
2017- Assistant Professor, School of Translation, York University–Glendon College
2008-2017 Contract Faculty Member, School of Translation, York University–Glendon College
2012 E-learning Instructor, School of Translation, Glendon College, York University
2005– Part-Time Freelance Translator (French>English) and Reviser
2004-2008 Part-Time Professor, School of Translation and Interpretation, University of Ottawa
2005 Teaching Assistant, Canadian Studies Department, University of Ottawa
2003-2004 Teaching Assistant, School of Translation and Interpretation, University of Ottawa
2002-2006 Lexicographer, Bilingual Canadian Dictionary Project, University of Ottawa


Language Proficiency
English native speaker
French excellent spoken and written
Spanish very good reading ability
Arabic elementary reading and speaking ability


ATIO Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario
CATS/ACT Canadian Association for Translation Studies/Association canadienne de traductologie

Scholarly and Professional Activities:

Year Position
2016- Executive Committee Council Member, The International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS)
2014- Member of the international panel of Associates, The ARTIS (Advancing Research in Translation and Interpreting Studies) Initiative
2011-2017 Review Editor, The Interpreter and Translator Trainer
2009- Secretary, Canadian Association for Translation Studies
2008- 2017 Contract Faculty Representative, Glendon Faculty Council (York University)

Graduate Courses:

Course Code Course description Years taught
TRAN 5100 Translation Studies:
A survey of the various theoretical approaches to studying translation, since the beginning of the twentieth century. The historical and cultural contexts of appearance of each approach are taken into account.
Winter 2014 (online), Winter 2013, Fall 2011 (online)
TRAN 5110 Text Analysis:
The main objective of this seminar is an in-depth reflection on the notion of text, with reference to theoretical concepts from various disciplines. Documents concerning text characteristics, production and analysis provide the models which allow students to study the main differences between English and French texts.
Fall 2013, Fall 2011
TRAN 5329 Translation and Political Texts:
This course offers students a theoretical and practical introduction to the challenges associated with translating political texts. Students analyze political texts using various theoretical frameworks and explore strategies for translating such texts as manifestos, essays and speeches.
Winter 2012


Undergraduate Courses:

Course Code Course description Years taught
TRAN 2210 Introduction to Translation into English I:
This course introduces students to the tools, principles, and methods used in translation, from both a practical and theoretical perspective. Individual and group exercises and assignments help students acquire both basic skills and an understanding of the translation process.
Fall 2013, Fall 2012, Fall 2011, Fall 2010, Fall 2009
TRAN 2220 Introduction to Translation into English II:
Students build on their understanding of translation in specialized fields. They continue to acquire specialized translation strategies. They increase and apply their knowledge of research tools and resources, learn techniques for resolving translation problems, and practice appropriate English usage. Prerequisite: GL/TRAN 2210 3.0 (EN).
Winter 2014, Winter 2013, Winter 2012, Winter 2011, Winter 2010, Winter 2009, Winter 2008
GL/TRAN 4500 Stage en Partenariat I/Professional Internship I
Internship offered in partnership with the Government of Canada’s Translation Bureau. Students are supervised by a professional reviser and translate 700 words per week. Their work is marked by a professor from the School of Translation.
Fall/Winter 2013-14, Fall/Winter 2012-2013, Fall/Winter 2011-2012
TRAN 4210 Translation of Specialized Texts Into English III:
Students read articles to gain understanding of issues, and present translation problems in class. They develop reading, research and writing methods for translating specialized texts for an audience of experts. This year’s field: Political texts. Note: This course is taught online.
Winter 2014, Fall 2012, Fall 2011
TRAN 3270 Theory of Translation:
This course asks students to reflect critically on translation and its key concepts, and to begin to engage in research. They are introduced to the various schools of thought that have shaped Translation Studies since the second half of the 20th century.
Fall 2013, Fall 2012
TRAN 3270 Théorie de la traduction:
Initiation à la réflexion critique sur la traduction et aux concepts clés, et préparation à la recherche. Différents courants de pensée sont abordés pour mieux comprendre les enjeux théoriques qui ont marqué la traductologie depuis le milieu du XXe siècle.
Winter 2010
TRAN 4425 Introduction to Translation (for Francophones):
Introduction to translation from French into English. Working with a variety of texts of increasing complexity, students further their knowledge of their second language and familiarize themselves with English translation norms.
Fall 2009, Fall 2008